Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happiness is Bearing Fruits

Life is purpose-driven by bearing fruits for the glory of God. The more fruits you bear, the happier you will be. What a simple formula!

Paster Ken Yee asked today in his sermon: "Is your tree of life bearing no fruit, some fruits, or much fruits?" I'd like to add on one more aspect: Is your fruit inspiring to those who may have no fruit or some fruits?"

How I pray that the Badminton and OJ Tea Station will bear much fruits. Lord, for your name's sake, would you please somehow attract 40 non-believers to come to the Aug 18 BBQ? In Jesus Name, Amen!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Have Christ, Be Happy

1-Free heart ... LET GO.
2-Byebye worries ... THINK HOPE.
3-Live simply ... TOSS STUFF.
4-Give more ... TELL NOBODY.
5-Expect less ... SMILE ANYWAY.
6-Treat nicely ... BUY FLOWER.
7-Sleep well ... DREAM DREAMS.