Saturday, October 27, 2007

Every Outreach Encounter is a New Project

Every time an outreach team encounters a new visitor, a new project is started. It takes warming hearts and steadfast attitudes to grow relationships. The secret ingredient is prayer. And God promised that He will be there wherever we gather in His name.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Oracles of Prophet Isaiah

Prophet Isaiah was inspired with many oracles (literally means burden in Hebrew). How he prophesied and acted on them had indeed made history, unveiled through God's perfect plan.

Isaiah's oracles shout out centuries ago about God's
(1) Warnings - that none may listen despite his willing to be sent.
(2) Judgments - that nations near Judah cannot escape God's wrath.
(3) Promises - that the Messiah will bring salvation to all nations.

Thank God! These oracles were realized in His Son, Jesus. What a marvelous blessing to all mankind!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Be a Dreamer Who Thrives

Empty dreams just make noise.
Sound dreams live on and thrive.

The best ones are inspired by God.

Take time to dream, plan, and build with passion.

Recipe for a thriving life:
(1) Define your dream
(2) Develop your plan
(3) Track your progress
(4) Repeat

Be a Pioneer Who Tries

My tombstone shall read: "He Tried". Now go out and make it happen. May God show me what it is, should be, can be, will be, ...

Be a Leader Who Drives

Leaders take side and point to the direction towards the right thing. Never give up easily! When you quit a moment too soon, God will make a way.

Be a Teacher Who Guides

Discover your gifts by selfless giving. Whatever leaving your willing hands is indeed the hidden jewel lying deep in your heart for quite a while. Gifts are meant to be given.

Be a Christian Who Shines

Shine Jesus Shine ...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007



(1) Be a Dreamer who Thrives

(2) Be a Pioneer who Tries

(3) Be a Leader who Drives

(4) Be a Teacher who Guides

(5) Be a Christian who Shines