Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fought a Good Fight

I thank the Lord that over 110 people (30 unbelievers) signed up to come to our Aug 18, 2007 BBQ and Movie Night, sponsored by CSAF. It was a hot summer day, but we were grateful for the cool air-conditioning inside the MPB gymnasium. The OJ Tea Station (OJTS) continued to operate at its usual spot, but this time under 90 degree outdoor heat. The sweaty faces of OJTS staff and helpers (Philip, Stanley, Pearl, Chris, Covinna, etc.) were visible. Bless their hearts! We whole-heartedly appreciated their cool and refreshing herbal tea very very much.

Though 8 unbelievers dropped out at the last minute due to car problems, personal travel, unforeseen obligation, etc., the workers prayed fervently in hope of a decent turnout that night. My heart sank a little, but was immediately lifted up by a sister's prayer who reminded us once again that we were doing this in God's name. God has His own timing and working.

CSAFers collaborated the best we can (along with some badminton friends, even unbelievers): setting up MPB, cranking up the BBQ grills, chopping food in the kitchen, battling with the audio-visual technology, warming up the initial icy atmosphere with songs and games, etc. We pressed on but quietly prayed that not too many needed to leave the premise early. God indeed answered our prayer. Except for a few who left midway during the movie, most guests decided to stay.

The C.S. Lewis movie, The Chronicle of Narnia, laid the groundwork for a spiritual discussion, while Minister Joshua did a fine presentation of the gospel, distinguishing the good from the evil. Though there were no visible fruits during the altar call, we are confident that some mustard seeds were planted firmly in the hearts of good soil.

Let's continue praying for a measurable harvest during our future follow-up opportunities to bless His heart the best we can. Amen!